Thursday, March 10, 2016

Custom Tall Man and Mike Figure Display on eBay

Don't you just love phan creations? From “Screwy Luie Productions” comes this one-of-a-kind custom Phantasm figure display. Built in 1/6 scale, this stylish diorama recreates the unforgettable nightmare scene from the first film wherein Mike awakes in Morningside Cemetery to find the Tall Man looming over his bed, grabby-zombies on either side of him. Screwy Luie’s figures come with hand sculpted/painted heads, full articulated bodies and are said to be “tricked out,” whatever that means! Someone go grab a teenager who can explain that vernacular. The display also features silver spheres on the bedposts (a nice detail to include) and tiny Christmas lights strung throughout (not sure why, but okay!) The cracked tombstones and title display above the Tall Man’s head are also nice touches. 

Bidding on this unique piece starts at $250 with only a couple of days left in the auction. Check out the auction page here.

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