Friday, February 5, 2016

New Phantasm Quiz Book Out This Week

There is a new Phantasm book out this week from author Killian H. Gore. Phantasm Unauthorized Quiz Book dishes up more than two hundred trivia questions on the series. Killian solicited input from series veterans including star A. Michael Baldwin, dwarf-actor Ed Gale, co-producer Roberto Quezada, sphere master Kerry Prior and special makeup effects supervisor Mark Shostrom. 

Browsing these pages, I am already noticing a good range of difficulty. Some of these phans will immediately know the answer to while others will surely send you to the book's answer section or perhaps Google. Full disclosure: The book's final five questions are provided by yours truly and I did my best to make them challenging! You can purchase either the paperback version or Kindle Edition over at AmazonThe official description is below:
Are you ready for a truly Phantastic Phantasm Quiz, boooy!!!? Featuring over 200 trivia filled multiple-choice questions on all four Phantasm movies. With a Tall Man’s Tricky Bonus Question for each movie too! Plus! A selection of Special Guest Star Questions from Phantasm cast and crew members A. Michael Baldwin, Mark Shostrom, Kerry Prior, Ed Gale and Roberto A. Quezada! AND a set of bonus questions from a Surprise Special Guest Star! As well as the terrifying Phantasm-inspired short story “Video Projects” by Killian H. Gore. If you want to play a good game, boooy, the quiz is about to begin!

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