Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Book on Don Coscarelli's Filmography

I am astonished sometimes at the important things I forget to post here. I have written plenty about my own Phantasm book, but I neglected to announce when a related book was published on the series last year. Written by my pal, Gerardo Santos Bocero, the new book is called Don Coscarelli: Phantasmas, Momias Y Otras Bestias and it is entirely in Spanish. Translated, that title reads “Phantasms, Mummies and Other Beasts.” Way cool. 

Published by Tyrannosaurus Books and clocking in at 266 pages, this read takes a detailed look at Coscarelli’s career from Jim the World’s Greatest all the way up to John Dies at the End. I think we can all agree that Phantasm’s creator is a genius filmmaker worthy of a tome like this. Even better, the foreward is by another pal of mine - mega-phan Miguel Collado Gabaldón, administrator of the terrific Phantasma Facebook Group

For anyone who wants to purchase the book, you can do so here from Amazon or here from the publisher’s website. I find it wonderful to see the series honored in other countries and languages - may this trend this continue! 

Ten cuidado con El Hombre Alto, chiiiiiiiiiico!

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