Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Limited Edition Tall Man Bust

If you’re looking for a way to memorialize Angus Scrimm in your home, consider this breathtaking bust by sculptor Jeff Yagher. This limited edition piece is being offered by Tony Salcines of Rebel Resin Model Kits & Busts, but not for much longer according to what I’ve heard. After this most recent batch of orders is through, the mold is being destroyed. So if you want one of these, the time is now.

Tony is currently offering the full Tall Man/Sphere/Base piece for $100 plus shipping. There is also a Tall Man/Base version being offered for $75 plus shipping. The sphere version comes with a Phantasm nameplate and the Tall Man-only version comes with an Angus Scrimm Memorial nameplate. The busts come unpainted and unassembled, though assembly is quick and easy.

Contact Tony at or visit his Facebook group to see more or secure your own.

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