Thursday, January 21, 2016

Amazing Sphere Tribute to the Tall Man

It's wonderful seeing all of the different phan tributes to Angus Scrimm this past week. One in particular has caught my eye by Mark Phillips of Nightmares Unlimited. Mark wrote, "When Angus passed away, I felt as many of my fellow phans and phamily did. Heartbroken. He touched so many lives in such a terrifyingly positive way. He was one of a kind. The world seems a little less bright with this amazing human being in it. Lawrence Rory Guy. Angus Scrimm. The Tall Man. I wanted to honor your memory with this, The Angus Scrimm memorial sphere ...BOOOOOOOOYYYY!!!!!!"

At first glance, I thought Mark had simply painted the Tall Man onto a silver sphere, which would have been impressive enough. As it turns out, he actually cut this design into the stainless steel ball using a Dremel rotary blade. Wow.

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