Friday, March 13, 2015

Classic Phantasm Location Demolished

Time to report some crappy news. After learning last month that the filming location for the Fortuneteller's Home may be soon demolished, it has come to my attention that the filming location used as the Pearson Residence exterior in the original film HAS been demolished. Phans will fondly recall this as the spot where Jody and Reggie strummed "Sittin' Here at Midnight," where Mike showed his brother the severed finger and from where the Tall Man single-handedly carted Mike out to his waiting hearse.

The dastardly deed appears to have been carried out only a few short months ago. A lavish new structure appears to be under construction in its place. Located at 1232 Corsica Drive, Google Street View gives us a close-up look at the property. 

I was fortunate enough to visit the property back in 2009 with Kristen Deem and Guy Thorpe. The location has been immortalized through both Sean Clark's Horror's Hallowed Grounds column in HorrorHound and in Reggie's Phantasmagorical Mystery Tour on the out-of-print R2 Phantasm box set. For all those bummed that they will never be able to make pilgrimage here, I say chin up! 

After all, we'll always have Dunsmuir.

(Top photo by Kristen Deem, Bottom photo from Google)

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