Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Classic Phantasm Location Doomed?

I just happened across some unfortunate news from this past October regarding a classic Phantasm location. It appears the Fortuneteller's home, which has remained virtually unchanged in Woodland Hills since the original film, may be slated for demolition. Los Angeles Magazine notes that the property had been "marketed as a tear down, valued solely for the large, 0.82-acre plot of land it sits on." It was then sold for $900,000. Today, a chain link fence sits around the home, which stands out sorely in the otherwise fairly nice neighborhood. The yard has also been cleared of overgrown foliage and junker automobiles. (The above image of the yard is from my own visit in 2009.)

Click the image on your right to enlarge it and see the property as it looks today, photo originally from the Los Angeles Magazine website. Thanks to Peter Marullo for the head's up on this.

"Don't fear, Michael. Fear is the killer."

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