Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Phantasm II sphere sold for HOW MUCH?

Of all the Phantasm props out there, the most coveted appears to be the Tall Man's deadly silver sphere. This iconic franchise relic has graced every single poster for the series, both theatrical and home video, and has evolved significantly over the past thirty-six years, wedging itself in the hearts and minds of phans. Sadly, we've never seen an official replica made available for purchase, though there are those resourceful few that have offered quality unauthorized balls. Then again, there was that spectacular box set from the UK (now out of print) that housed the DVDs inside of a sphere, but that wasn't a true replica. There's nothing like the real thing.

True Phantasm props are incredibly difficult to come by. A few have been snapped up by cast and crew over the decades, but the vast majority still reside in the ownership of Don Coscarelli. Every few years, however, a silver sphere will find its way onto the auction block. This was the case in July, 2012 when a ball from Phantasm II was made available for bidding. Head inside this post to see pictures of the decades-old prop and learn how much it eventually sold for.

The silver sphere in mention was auctioned off by "Screen Used Movie Props & Wardrobe." Their description went as such: "Screen-used during the filming of the Phantasm II. One of the most recognizable icons in horror film history, the Deadly Flying Sphere terrified moviegoers and became the trademark image of the Phantasm Franchise. This weapon of the Tall Man would impale it's victims in the head and drain the blood from their body. The sphere measures about 6" long from the tips of the blades to the back of the sphere and has some wear with some scuffs on the chrome and chips on the blades. Made of plastic with the blades glued in the fixed position, the drill bit is loose but sits nicely in place for display. The sphere is presented on a custom stand for display."

I have so many questions that their description does not answer. The listing does not speak at all of the sphere's opposite side. Are there holes in the back, bottom or side? That could reveal whether or not this was a motion-control sphere or a drilling sphere. Did sphere effects creator Steve Patino actually employ this model on set or simply manufacture it for one of the other effects departments? The listing mentions nothing of how it was acquired or if there is a credible letter of authenticity.

The bidding for this auction began at $3,500 and it eventually sold for $4,000. Add in the $720 in fees, and someone ultimately paid $4,720 for a Phantasm II orb.

Final Cost: $4,720

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