Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fan Spotlight: Phil Sawyer's AMAZING Phantasm Display

Move over, Freddy, Jason and Michael. There's a growing presence in the world of horror cosplay and it's Phantasmic in nature!

After having posted John Krieg's terrific Phantasm street display earlier this week, I'm back to show you another super-phan's handiwork. Phil Sawyer, who in 2011 shared with us his sweet homemade Phantasm figures, returns to the Phantasm Archives blog with pictures of his own unique outdoor display. Like Krieg, Phil has a magnificent Tall Man mannequin and dwarf replica - but also a live graver, distressed damsel, 'Cuda and even a Reggie! Head inside to see more photos and learn more about this impressive setup!

That's Phil himself stepping up as Reggie complete with actual ponytail, homemade four-barrel and ice cream suit. And that sweet 'Cuda you're seeing? That belongs to Phil too. (It's perfectly okay to be insanely jealous at this point.)

Arguably the most impressive part of the display (outside of the 'Cuda) is the towering Tall Man mannequin (Tall Mannequin?). Phil tells me that he personally commissioned the sculpted head from filmmaker and special effects creator Jared Balog. Phil then provided Jared with reference photos of the character, one of which was the cover of Phantasm Exhumed (nice!), before he began sculpting. It is an impressive work of art from any angle, but it is especially creepy with the dark lighting seen in the first photo below! The blonde gent sculpting the Tall Man head near the bottom of this page is Jared himself, from whom the last three photos hail from.

Click any photo below to enlarge it. Thanks for sharing, Phil!


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