Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Phantasm Art of Tom Bagley

It's difficult to call what artist Tom Bagley makes fan art, but the man is surely an artist (a Canadian treasure, in fact) and also a fan of Phantasm. Blending the styles of pulp and vintage advertising, Bagley came up with two great Phantasm pieces for a Video Vulture article several years back; one of the original sphere drilling scene and another of Mike and Reggie from the finger-bug scene.

Of the drilling artwork, Bagley says: 
For years, I had this movie on a Beta tape which I'd recorded off of a network broadcast in the early 80s. What amused me was that it was heavily edited for gore/sex content. This meant that this gory ball-drillin'-the-guy's-brains-out scene was missing all the blood. However, they kept in the puddle of urine that the guy issues after he tips over.

Click continue reading below to see Bagley's Phantasm work and be sure to check out more of Bagley's fantastic horror-themed art at his official website and on Flickr. Click either artwork to see it larger.


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