Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fan Spotlight: A Tale of Two Cuda's

This week kicked off with not one, but two phan-owned Cuda's coming to my attention, impressing me and making me very jealous of both owners at the same time. The first car belongs to Phantasm Community member AARudy, who stopped by to show us pictures of his latest project, which is to build a screen accurate Phantasm II Cuda. The muscle car received a new paint job this week as part of its restoration and is already looking great. AARudy also ran into Don Coscarelli recently, who not only sphered him but also autographed the glove box cover! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing AARudy's project as it continues. Click any photo to see it larger.

Second, we have superphan Phil Sawyer's fantastic looking Cuda, which series star Michael Baldwin had a chance to look over at last month's Fantacon convention in Albany, New York (fifth picture shows Lisa Hodges, Michael, Phil and Heather Hodges.) Be sure to check out the terrific looking grill-spheres in the third picture. Phil is no stranger to the Phantasm Archives - he sent in photos of his homemade Tall Man and Reggie figures back in 2011. Click any photo below to see it larger.

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