Thursday, September 13, 2012

Incredible Phantasm V Posters

Although Don Coscarelli's partially filmed Phantasm V project* continues to linger in production hell, two fan-made posters good enough to be actual posters appeared recently on Facebook from graphic artist Brian Paul Watters. The artwork is so good that several Phantasm series crewmembers actually brought the posters to my attention asking if they were official. Sadly, they are not.

The first poster of the Tall Man emerging from a giant sphere is especially intriguing... as is the tagline: "When there are no more dead on Earth, he will come for the living."

The artist writes on his Facebook:
Just to be clear, this poster isn't any kind of announcement, merely wishful thinking on my part. But, if enough phans show interest, I feel sure we will see another Phantasm movie one day. With the imminent release of Part II on blu-ray, there just might be enough sales to spur Don, Reggie et al into action one more time...

* If you don't know what I mean by "partially filmed Phantasm V project," I'm referencing the cast-confirmed Secret Project that Coscarelli and company have been shooting on for several years now. Expect to hear much more about this after John Dies at the End is released.

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