Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scrimm addresses Phantasm 5 Rumors

Angus Scrimm appeared this afternoon on filmmaker Jim McKenny's radio show, "The MonsterPants Are On" over at Together McKenny and his guest traversed a wide variety of topics including this summer's blockbusters, the Golden age of Hollywood, Angus' terrific work with MonsterPants/Glass Eye Pix and.... get ready for it... the recent rumors regarding Phantasm 5. His comments about that last topic:
"I've talked with an even more reliable source and that's Don Coscarelli himself and he has nothing to announce yet. I've never been approached nor been asked if I would be available at such a time to do anything in it. I don't think there is a definite script or a definite plan to start shooting a Phantasm 5. I know that he has footage that he's been working on experimentally, but if any of that will turn up in a Phantasm 5, I don't know. He's constantly thinking about it but this year he's been just completely immersed in the writing, preproduction, production, postproduction and promotion of John Dies at the End." - Angus Scrimm

The Tall Man actor also gave a very kind shout-out to the Phantasm Archives website, which he said "has all kinds of wonderful material on the Phantasm series," and gave mention to the Chief Archivist's upcoming book on the making of the first four Phantasm films, the exact details of which will appear here at a later date.

(P5 concept poster by Andrew Nicholson )

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