Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phantasm Pinball!

How has no one thought of this before now, this ideal marriage of movie and game? I'm talking about Phantasm Pinball, what else?! Phantasm Community forum member KingBaggot stopped by earlier today to let us know he'd created just that - or an online flash version of it, anyway. Set to the first film's theme music, the ball is actually a silver sphere (and even sprouts the occasional drill!) and the table is booby-trapped with dwarves, tuning forks, a coffin, the Fortuneteller's black box, a spacegate and the Tall Man himself! Fear not - allies Reggie, Jody and the Fortuneteller are on your side.

You can check out an early concept sketch of the table by clicking the image to your left or you can proceed into gameplay by clicking here. KingBaggot's blog can be found here. My personal compliments to the King for creating such an awesome game. It's hot as love!

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