Monday, July 11, 2011

VIDEO: Alternate Ending to Phantasm Oblivion

There is perhaps no moment in the Phantasm franchise more debated than the brilliantly enigmatic ending to Phantasm Oblivion. Questions abound. Is Mike truly dead now? Was it really just a dream all along? Where did the Tall Man go with Mike's sphere and did Reggie manage to follow him to that place? What happened once they got there? To help deepen the scene's mystique, I present to you the following fan made alternate ending in an attempt to clarify where the Tall Man might've gone after ripping out Mike's sphere. (Make sure to watch until the end!)

Full disclosure: This ending is fan-made and not representative of Don Coscarelli's vision for the film. Special thanks to Phantasm Community member Natalie Tomaszewski for the clever idea behind it.

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