Friday, July 8, 2011

DVD Announcement: Subspecies

Angus Scrimm fans will be delighted to learn of Full Moon Feature's recent announcement to re-release its cult-classic Subspecies in a Special Edition DVD to mark its 20th Anniversary. Angus appeared for a memorable segment early on in the film as Vampire King Vladislav, father to the evil Radu and keeper of the Bloodstone.

The announcement mentions only one bonus feature, a vintage installment of Full Moon's Videozone series, which took VHS audiences behind the scenes of the film back in the early 1990s. One can only hope that Band will some day offer up some of the film's deleted scenes. There's at least one particularly notable outtake involving Angus' King Vlad on his deathbed that was partially included in the film's early theatrical trailers. The Special Edition premieres at the San Diego Comic Con and will be available at Full Moon Direct starting on July 25. Click the flyer on your left to learn more about the film.

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