Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Rare Phantasm Oblivion Set Photos Surface

I don't know about you, but I loved 1998's Phantasm: Oblivion from the moment I first saw it, way before it was cool to like it. (Longtime phans might recall that, before Phantasm Ravager, the fourth film was the most shat-upon entry in the series.) It might not have the bigger budgets of its predecessors, but it arguably has the most heart. Imagine my delight this evening when I discovered the following set photos over in the IMDb gallery for the film. These pics depict stuntman Bob Ivy in his Demon Trooper getup. If memory serves, these rare pics are from Bob's personal collection, which has long been kept off the internet. I have no idea how these snapshots wound up on IMDb, but I thought I'd share them here for your personal enjoyment.

When I interviewed Bob Ivy for Phantasm Exhumed a decade ago, he explained that the top picture was the only known photo of the Demon Trooper with the Tall Man - understandable since they never had a scene together. The second picture shows Bob with Don Coscarelli. (I think that's Gigi Fast Elk Bannister peering over Bob's shoulder?) The final pic shows what appears to be a rehearsal between Bob and Reggie Bannister. All in all, great shots!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

The Sphere Is Back on Shudder!?! Apparently so!


Well, this was unexpected. Yesterday, Shudder dropped the first trailer for season three of their critically-acclaimed Creepshow series. It looks to be a predictably bloody affair - complete with a silver sphere attack. Wait, WHAT!?!? That's right - we can clearly see one of the Tall Man's sentinels attacking someone here. Watch the trailer below for yourself. 

What might this amount to - a small sphere cameo or a complete Phantasm-themed episode? One can hope! The show did have a pretty swell tribute episode dedicated to Evil Dead in the last season, so a Phantasm-themed episode isn't entirely impossible. The new season of Creepshow kicks off on September 23. Is it any coincidence that the Phantasm series (minus part two) hit Shudder the week after that? Hmm.....

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Phantasm is on a Major Streaming Service with a Weird Hitch

This may not be breaking news, but I just yesterday signed up for the Peacock streaming service from NBC Universal and noticed "The Phantasm Collection" listed on the main screen. How cool is that?? The selection of "movie collections" I scrolled through included The Godfather, Harry Potter, Leprechaun, and Phantasm, which is one mighty eclectic grouping of franchises.

The strange part about this was that "The Phantasm Collection" contained the entire franchise minus Phantasm II. Why is that strange? Because Phantasm II is technically the only film in the franchise actually owned by NBC Universal, meaning they had to license the other four. Even stranger is that the "collection" icon features an image of the Tall Man and Perigord Mausoleum from the missing Phantasm II. Even so, it's great to see the series with this exposure. (And kudos to whomever listed them as "Phantasm Philms" on the franchise page. Nice touch!)

Phantasm Double-Feature Blu-ray Arriving in October

The always terrific Diabolik DVD has revealed a pre-order listing for an upcoming Phantasm double-feature Blu-ray arriving this October from Well Go USA. This release, boasting gorgeous artwork by the mega-talented Devon Whitehead, packs two supplement-loaded discs from the most recent Sphere Collection boxset. This set is top-notch for including Phantasm Remastered and the newly remastered Phantasm II Director's Cut, which had previously only been available in the larger Sphere Collection. Street date is 10/5.


At a funeral, Mike (Michael Baldwin), watches as a tall mortician clad in black (Angus Scrimm) tosses the unburied coffin into a waiting hearse as if it were nothing. Seeking the truth behind this unusual sight, Mike breaks into the mortuary, where he comes face-to-face with the sinister Tall Man. After barely managing to escape with his life, Mike enlists the help of his brother, Jody (Bill Thornbury), and their friend Reggie (Reggie Bannister). Together they set out to uncover the secrets of the Tall Man and those who dwell in his hellish world. PHANTASM: REMASTERED has a runtime of approximately 98 minutes and is rated R for nudity, violence and intense scenes.

PHANTASM Special Features Include: 

• NEW 7.1 Dolby Atmos soundtrack by Post Haste Digital 

• NEW Dunes Cantina Party commentary featuring Don Coscarelli and the cast and crew of PHANTASM 

• NEW Phantasm: A Horse Drawn Hearse – new HD master of Angus Scrimm in black and white flashback footage

• Audio Commentary with director Don Coscarelli, co-producer Paul Pepperman and Roberto A. Quezada 

• Audio Commentary with Don Coscarelli, stars A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury and Angus Scrimm 

• Graveyard Carz episode featuring custom Phantasm tribute ‘Cuda • Behind the Scenes Home Movies with commentary by Coscarelli and Reggie Bannister 

• Deleted Scenes And more…


Released after seven years in a mental hospital, Mike convinces his old pal Reggie to join forces with him to hunt down and destroy the Tall Man once and for all. Mike’s visions lead the two to a quiet little town where a horde of flying killer balls aim to slice and dice their gruesome way through everyone. Exploding with special effects, unparalleled thrills, horror and suspense, PHANTASM II climaxes with a blood-curdling conclusion that you have to see to believe. 

PHANTASM II Special Features: 

• NEW 4K scan of the original camera negative, supervised and approved by Don Coscarelli 

• NEW Director’s Cut with never-before-released X-rated sphere/gore sequence 

• Audio Commentary with director Don Coscarelli and stars Angus Scrimm and Reggie Bannister 

• THE BALL IS BACK and THE GORY DAYS featurettes 

• Deleted Scenes 

• Additional scenes from the original work print cut 

• Behind the Scenes footage And more…

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Impressive Phantasm Display in Upcoming Horror Museum

First, a most heartfelt Happy Birthday to Phantasm! The original film was first released to theaters forty-two years ago today.

Second, dig this! A monstrously talented Italian phan named Antonio Amodio is currently creating a fantasy-horror museum in Taranto, Italy. For this Herculean task, he's put together an impressive Phantasm display featuring the Tall Man! Antonio shares that he's personally created the many figures in his museum and that they're all made to 1:1 scale. This wild Phantasm display has a lot of detail in it, some of which you can glimpse in the photos below. Aside from the Tall Man, there's a sphere'd head, a severed finger in a box, a dwarf minion, and a framed photo of the Tall Man from many years back.

Click on any photo below to see it larger. Outstanding work, Antonio!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Phantasm Exhumed is now on Audible!

If you've been looking for an excuse to revisit either PHANTASM EXHUMED or FURTHER EXHUMED, they've both just debuted as audio books over on AUDIBLE! They collectively total over thirteen hours of Phantasmic-goodness. Not a member of Audible? Not to worry! You can snag one of these audio books for FREE by signing up for the site's free 30-day trial, which allows you to keep your audio book even if you cancel!

Check out Phantasm Exhumed here.

Check our Further Exhumed here.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Phantasm Oblivion & Ravager Get Official Score Releases!

Great news, my fellow phans! Esteemed composer Christopher L. Stone has finally made available for purchase his scores to Phantasm Oblivion and Phantasm Ravager! Though these are only digital offerings as of now, they represent the first time ever this music has been offered in an official capacity. Previously, you had to bootleg this stuff. Fingers crossed we might one day see a slick vinyl release, right?

Both albums are being offered for an economical $8.99. The Oblivion score comprises fifteen tracks and the Ravager score spans ten. And yes, the Ravager album includes the unforgettable "Reggie Rap" from that film's end credits. (C'mon, that track was fire. Admit it.)

You can purchase/download Oblivion here and Ravager over here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

CavityColors Unveils New Phantasm Merch Line!

The always impressive CavityColors have just debuted an entire line of fantastic Phantasm merch. We're talking shirts, hoodies, jogger sweatpants, and enamel pins! Best of all is that they're not simply using old artwork, but rather have commissioned an impressive array of new designs for this merch! Could this possibly get any better? Why, yes. Yes, it can. The company also posted this tease on social media: "This will be the first of many new official PHANTASM products to come over the next few years and beyond, and we couldn’t think of a better season to celebrate one of our all time favorite movies."

Basically, there's even more Phantasmic goodness yet to come! Check out a sampling of the groovy line-up below. When you're ready, make like a sphere and fly over to the CavityColors website to put in your order!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Phantasm Prop Found in Antique Shop? Not so fast, Bub.

Grannie’s Basement of Queens, New York claims to have a rare prop from the original Phantasm and she's willing to part with it for only $2,000. Remember the Greek god statue that hung above the door to the spacegate room in Morningside Mausoleum? Well, Grannie says she's got it, but we're not so sure. Read on for why we're skeptical.

For one, there are several notable differences between screenshots from the film and Grannie's sculpture. Notice the red circles below. On the far left god, the helmet is quite different. There is yet another big difference in the helmet on the middle god. Then notice the two gods on the far right. On Grannie's sculpture, the two helmets clearly connect. Yet in the film, their helmets do not connect and we can clearly see the wallpaper showing through between them.

Beyond that, we have questions. First, how did this prop travel nearly three-thousand miles from Southern California to Queens? Second, how did it escape the massive collection of Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli? Seriously, we've heard tales of this guy's prop storage facilities. Thirdly, who's to say this sculpture wasn't cast and recast a thousand times? Without background information, how can it ever be authenticated - especially with the differences mentioned above.

What do you think? Is Grannie pulling a fast one? Thanks to Scott Pensa for the heads up on these heads!


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