Saturday, September 26, 2020

Phantasm Prop Found in Antique Shop? Not so fast, Bub.

Grannie’s Basement of Queens, New York claims to have a rare prop from the original Phantasm and she's willing to part with it for only $2,000. Remember the Greek god statue that hung above the door to the spacegate room in Morningside Mausoleum? Well, Grannie says she's got it, but we're not so sure. Read on for why we're skeptical.

For one, there are several notable differences between screenshots from the film and Grannie's sculpture. Notice the red circles below. On the far left god, the helmet is quite different. There is yet another big difference in the helmet on the middle god. Then notice the two gods on the far right. On Grannie's sculpture, the two helmets clearly connect. Yet in the film, their helmets do not connect and we can clearly see the wallpaper showing through between them.

Beyond that, we have questions. First, how did this prop travel nearly three-thousand miles from Southern California to Queens? Second, how did it escape the massive collection of Phantasm creator Don Coscarelli? Seriously, we've heard tales of this guy's prop storage facilities. Thirdly, who's to say this sculpture wasn't cast and recast a thousand times? Without background information, how can it ever be authenticated - especially with the differences mentioned above.

What do you think? Is Grannie pulling a fast one? Thanks to Scott Pensa for the heads up on these heads!


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