Sunday, July 30, 2017

That Time Freddy Krueger Almost Got Silver Sphere'd

Earlier this year, I released my second horror movie related book, SLASH OF THE TITANS: THE ROAD TO FREDDY VS JASON. It details the crazy ten years that New Line spent trying to find the right script for 2003's Freddy vs Jason. Ultimately, they went through seventeen screenwriters before finally putting the crossover sequel into production. In researching my book, I closely studied ten different pitches that were seriously considered for the film...

... and in one of those pitches, Freddy Krueger gets drilled by the Tall Man's silver sphere! No joke! This was a legitimate screenplay that New Line bought and nearly made. Written by UK scribe Peter Briggs (who also co-wrote the first Hellboy), this draft found Freddy and Jason chasing survivors from earlier Elm Street and Friday sequels through hell. And what should slam right into Freddy's forehead? The Tall Man's silver sphere! The screenwriter confessed in our interview that he was an enormous horror fan and wanted to sneak in these kinds of jokes/cameos for his audience.

To learn more about Slash of the Titans, you can visit or check it out on Amazon.

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