Thursday, July 6, 2017

Read a Page from Phantasm's Long Lost Script!

The following is a special treat and arguably one of the rarest items I've posted here on the Phantasm Archives across the past ten years. Series crewmember Kristen Deem was recently cleaning out some old boxes from her collection when she stumbled across a script page from the original Phantasm!

Why is this so significant? Because Phantasm's original script is the holy grail of series collectibles. Although the film was changed, re-written, and condensed throughout production, it DID have a script at the start of filming, albeit one without an ending. Some cast received this incomplete draft early on while others only received script pages on the day their scenes were to be filmed. In researching the original film for my Phantasm Exhumed book, I found that no cast member from the original film had kept any part of its script.

Presented here for your viewing pleasure is a page from Phantasm's script. Notice that Jody calls one of the dwarves a "dog in heat" instead of a "gopher in heat" as in the film. A much bigger difference is that the dwarf-driven hearse speeds past Mike and Jody much earlier in this draft than in the finished film. Thanks to Kristen Deem for sharing!

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