Friday, June 2, 2017

VIDEO: That Time Beetlejuice met the Tall Man at Universal Studios

As many of you know, Universal Studios was behind the original releases for Phantasm II and III. And while they didn't afford Phantasm's third outing the same promotional push they gave to Phantasm II, they did still arrange several opportunities for Angus Scrimm to promote the flick's home video release. One of those gigs included flying the Tall Man actor to Universal Studios Florida in October '94 to appear in a Halloween themed telecast from the park. And who does Scrimm run into during the broadcast? Beetlejuice, of course!!

As you can see, Scrimm is clearly having fun with this comedic send-up of his iconic Tall Man performance. Check out a rare clip from the telecast below in what is surely one of the stranger and cooler videos from the Phantasm Archives. Huge thanks to hearse coordinator Guy Thorpe for making this available!

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