Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Phantasm Ravager gets 3-Disc Special Edition in Germany

Some of you might know that the original Phantasm was released as Das Böse in Germany, which roughly translates back to English as "The Bad." The sequels that followed kept this titling and Phantasm Ravager was most recently released there as Das Böse V. Now it appears that the German version of Ravager has gotten some home video love down in Deutschland! Wicked Vision Media have unleashed a spiffy three-disc special edition of the film in collectible Mediabook packaging. If I'm reading this correctly, those discs contain (1) a Blu-Ray of the film, (2) a supplements disc and (3) a standard DVD version of the film. The bonus materials appear to be the same as the US and UK releases. Still, it's great to see Phantasm so popular in the country all these years later.

You can grab a copy of this release here. Be sure to check out the Germany-dubbed trailer for Das Böse V below!

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