Tuesday, September 20, 2016

James LeGros FINALLY Talks Phantasm II

For many years, there has been a school of thought that maybe James LeGros didn't like his involvement with Phantasm II. Maybe he felt his career advanced beyond low-budget horror or he was pissed about being re-cast with original Mike actor A. Michael Baldwin for Phantasm III. He did have a warm reunion with Angus Scrimm at a Glass Eye Pix screening years back, but beyond that, the evidence was that he had moved past Phantasm.

The guy has turned down multiple reunion and convention appearance invitations. He declined participation both in the UK Sphere Set and the Shout Factory Phantasm II Blu-Ray discs. He first declined, then agreed, then again declined participation in my book, Phantasm Exhumed. And frankly, he has made a few offhand interviews comments in previous years that did not cast a positive light on the sequel. But now, in a new interview with, James has actually opened up about his thoughts on the movie. With regard to Phantasm II, the interviewer starts off with, "You don’t talk a lot about it."

James replies, "Phantasm II – I love that one! Two things about that film. One – that was the first lead I ever did in a movie, so that was really exciting for me. And second because of the privileged position of being on the call sheet everyday I learned so much about filmmaking on that film – things to this day that are part of my working experience. But I just loved all those guys. Angus (Scrimm, actor The Tall Man) God rest his soul, Reggie (Bannister, actor Reggie) and Don and Daryn (Okada, Cinematographer), everybody was just so fantastic and there was just such a collegial spirit. And these guys were making this stuff from nothing and all in camera too. It was back in the day when you actually had to do stuff. None of that CGI – things had to happen. In a way that’s why we engage with some of those other older movies that way because it’s less synthetic. Digital artists they do some terrific work, but there is something lost in the bargain. I have very fond memories of that experience and I was pleased how it turned out – I’m very proud of that film."

Well, there you have it.


  1. I always had thought that maybe it wasn't so much that he didn't have anything positive to say, but maybe he was just being very humble.

  2. If that's th case then why the fuck has he's declined to participate in anything Phantasm related over the years?

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  4. Sorry bro they did not make a point break 2 roach.

  5. Sorry bro they did not make a point break 2 roach.

  6. Ha, And what film or tv show has he done since , that anyone cares about

  7. Sometimes, actors move on but later come back. When Tom Baker left Doctor Who after seven years, he became very isolated on the subject. He didn't do conventions and he didn't return for anniversary specials and he was the only living actor to have played the Doctor that didn't come back to do Big Finish audio dramas.

    Until eventually he did.

    As time went on, he got into doing all of these things: conventions, specials, Big Finish dramas, and so on.

    It could be LeGross is the same way. The older he gets, the more willing he is to talk about these things and get involved with them again. It could be before too much longer he is agreeing to do conventions and the like.

  8. Another thought on the matter - When BALDWIN is asked about P2. He does not give a positive response. It's is possible that LEGROS took that to heart and believed others in the cast felt the same way. Or he didn't want to Insult/Steal any Thunder from BALDWIN.
    Perhaps we'll find out eventually. (shrugs)

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