Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thirty Art Tributes to Angus Scrimm

One social media platform that has been buzzing non-stop with Angus Scrimm memorial tributes this past week or so is Instagram. Fans have been sharing personal pictures with Angus, stills from his films and images from their collection. My favorite thing that gets posted to Instagram are all the marvelous artistic tributes. I've collected thirty of my favorite Instagram artworks from this past week or so in this post. Click on the usernames next to each photo to see more from the artists/posting accounts

The first of two death tributes from this week. I'll be skipping Alan Rickman, because even though I love his work, he doesn't hold an incredibly special place in my heart. That said, I'll always love Die Hard (1988), Closet Land (1991), and Galaxy Quest (1999) This tribute is for L. Rory Guy, more popularly known as Angus Scrimm. He played the Tall Man in the Phantasm film series. The first Phantasm movie (1978) was a big part of my childhood, kindling the flames of my imagination, and -- along with many other films, comics, and books -- driving me into a life-long love affair with both Horror and Science Fiction. The sense of longing and melancholy in Phantasm, combined with the adolescent protagonist, really spoke to the poor white trash ghetto kid in me. And the Tall Man was the perfect villain for such a mundane setting; a setting where revelations of the weird and terrifying lurked beneath the surface. With his wry grin or scowl and his peaked eyebrow, Angus Scrimm's Tall Man never failed to scare, amuse, and even charm me as a kid, and I will always treasure that. Thanks, Tall Man. Piece Specs: 11" x 17", 600dpi, drawn with Cintiq in PS CS6 #AngusScrimm #Phantasm #TallMan #RoryGuy #Sphere #Art #Drawing #Tribute
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  1. These are amazing! Creative, funny, haunting! Thank you so much Dustin for posting these. The Bowie one especially made me smile! :) K. Deem

  2. How can I add MY Cartoon Drawing of Angus Scrimm on here?? I am not on Twitter... but my drawing is pretty good.


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