Friday, May 20, 2011


Phantasm Community user BLADEGHOST (game designer John Ivan) has recently completed an extensive multi-level mod for Doom 3 called PHANTASM BEYOND. By utilizing characters, situations and locations from the Phantasm films, Bladeghost has allowed players to enter into their favorite Phantasm scenes and battle all manner of undead enemy (including dwarves, spheres, finger bugs and the Tall Man himself!). As evidenced in the thirty-plus photos included in this post, Bladeghost has magnificently captured both the likeness and atmosphere of locales such as Perigord Mausoleum, the Pearson home and good old Morningside itself. He's also hidden a handful of surprises in the game, some of which are hiding in the photos below.

The mod can be downloaded for free by anyone and can be played on both PC's and MAC's so long as you have a copy of DOOM 3 with the most recent patch installed. It's all quite easy to setup, but if you need help, feel free to turn to this thread on the Phantasm Community forum for help. Continue reading to see more than thirty screen captures from the game and several video previews.

Click any photo below to see it larger.

The Title Screen

One of those nefarious balls

The Tall Man in his throne room

Gassing up the 'Cuda from Phantasm III

Battling the Tommy-dwarf in an unfilmed scene from Phantasm!

Something Wicked is about to fly out of that sink...

Reggie's Ice Cream truck, the four-barrel shotgun, Tim's bladed frisbee and the finger bug

The Hanging Tree from Phantasm Oblivion

Your inventory includes a bowpin, plunger, Dos Equis and Saw Sphere

You'll need more than a flashlight here!

Multiplying spacegates!

THE official car of Phantasm, Jody's 'Cuda

The Pearson household (notice how Bladeghost even captured the missing staircase posts that Mike knocked out when Jody locked him in his room!)

Liz' Bowpin from Phantasm II

Mike's room from Phantasm

The infamous four-barrel shotgun

Hidden as posters in this shot are a Dos Equis logo and an image from Phantasm Community

Sneaking up on the Tall Man in a scene from Phantasm III

Back to the final showdown from Phantasm III

The Tall Man sipping lemonade at Jebediah Morningside's house!

I spy four Phantasm movies on VHS and the out-of-print novelization!

Angeles Abbey recreated here from the third and fourth films

The finale of Phantasm Oblivion

Balls? What balls?

Enter Tim's booby-trapped dwelling, if you dare!

Good old Morningside Mausoleum!

The Motel from Phantasm III! Handcuffs, anyone?

The Lady in Lavender up to her old tricks again...

The Tall Man moments before Reggie's house explodes in Phantasm II

Some boxes are better left UNOPENED!

The Chapel and Crematorium from Phantasm II, the Casket Showroom from Phantasm

The Dunes Cantina!

Jebediah Morningside's laboratory

A charging sphere in Perigord!


  1. Hi - I made this to promote my friend's monster-all-nighter on Sunday in London which you might like - don't really know where else to post it now !

    original plan here !

    ok see ye !

    -The Short Man.

  2. I just started this and already it is looking very, supremely awesome!

  3. I'm making a new sequel with a new chapter and new features.
    PHANTASM Beyond II The NeverDead
    Thanks everyone! glad you could enjoy this one for what it is.
    it's not over yet Boooyyyy! :)
    Happy Cheers!

    1. I've released my follow-up as a doom 3 mod with all three projects into one. and can be found here:

  4. In Development I've been working on a new version in Unreal Engine 4 as a stand alone game , stay tuned for more details. Thanks!

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