Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Phantasm Tattoo Gallery

When it comes to ink, you've really got to hand it to Phantasm crowd. Whether it's a tattoo of the Tall Man, a hearse, the spheres, a cast autograph or an entire bloody poster (!), they're more than willing to represent their favorite horror franchise on their person. Collected in this post are more than a dozen Phantasm tattoos. Have a tatt not included here? By all means, send it to me, the Chief Archivist, because I love archiving this sort of thing. Continue reading for the skin art!

If this ink doesn't scare you...
(The cemetery gates actually say MORNINGSIDE!)

Submitted by the lovely Michelle Hill

Unknown arm

Artist: Paul Lacker

These are from the old and are of the infamous Shane!

I met this guy in Chicago last year. Pretty incredible stomach tatt!

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