Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Secret Phantasm Project

It's amazing how news gets garbled throughout the internet, particularly regarding Phantasm. The latest scoop is that there's a Secret Phantasm Project being worked on (and INDEED, there is) and that I've leaked a photo from it, which I haven't. The photo in mention is of Reggie and can be seen on your right (click to enlarge).

I did not leak this photo - someone in the Reggie Bannister camp leaked it to the IMDb galleries and then, probably realizing their error, removed it from the website, but not before I'd already saved it. I can, however, promise you that the photo is truly from the new Phantasm project. This image and below comments made by Reggie Bannister were recently reposted on dozens of horror websites across the internet, sometimes with incorrect facts attributed to me. All I did on the Phantasm Community forum was post the photo with Reggie's comments and affirm that they were working on something "big," which was certainly true at the time and still seems to be.
"We all feel real good about 2009. Thirty year anniversary of the first picture. We sure would like to see some spheres flying around, that yellow shit flying fast and furious, and dwarves scittering and stuff like that. We’re going to do our best. So we’re trying to bring you some new stuff." - Reggie Bannister at a recent Monster Mania convention Q&A
So what is the secret project? A webseries? A short film? Something else? Reggie also recently made a comment about how very "episodic" the Phantasm films are. Make of that what you will.


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  2. And here comes Ravager. This looks like it's from the scene where he's in awe of the giant Sentinel. So excited!

    This probably isn't the best place to do this, but I wanted to interview you about Phantasm: Exhumed. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Dark Nexus Fiction and I think it'd be good publicity for you. I know you're on the forums quite a bit, but I wanted something special for your book.

    Let me know! And keep up the awesome blog!


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