Friday, May 24, 2019

40th Anniv. Replica of the Rarest Phantasm Collectible Ever

This post contains a bit of Phantasm history and some spiffy new fan art of sorts. The original Phantasm made a pretty big splash for distributor AVCO Embassy when it first premiered back in 1979. Don Coscarelli and Angus Scrimm toured all over the world promoting it, the latter in full Tall Man garb and makeup. At the film's Hollywood premiere, arriving guests received a unique party favor - a yellow finger in a plastic case with the film's title emblazoned upon it! How cool is that? Only one of these rare treasures has ever turned up over the years. It has remained securely tucked away in the vast collection of series hearse coordinator Guy Thorpe. (It was gifted to him by Coscarelli himself.)

Flash forward to present day. Super phan Matt Naylor has created an incredible replica of the 1979 premiere collectible. Limited to four, these marvelous recreations went to undisclosed recipients in the phan community. If you follow the Phantasm Exhumed accounts on social media, you may recall Matt as the romantic phan who proposed to his fiancé at the Dunsmuir Mansion - aka Morningside Mortuary! Great work on both counts, boooooy!


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