Friday, April 5, 2019

Strange Advertising for Italian Phantasm Box Set

Italian distributor Midnight Factory has just released a pretty cool Blu-ray box set of the entire Phantasm franchise. This release packs six discs, meaning there's an entire disc devoted to bonus features. It also includes nifty postcard prints and an exclusive full-color booklet. Given how cool all that is, I guess we can forgive the inclusion of James LeGros on the cover instead of A. Michael Baldwin. (Happy belated birthday to Mr. Baldwin, by the way.) It wasn't like they just recycled the old Universal poster art - they had an artist draw this cover based on that!

Even stranger than LeGros being featured over Baldwin is this recent advertisement for the set. Is that masked man... supposed to be... the Tall Man? Yikes! As weird as it is, this ad is also kind of cool. I dig it. And judging by the blades, that sphere hails from the old Anchor Bay UK DVD set from many years back.

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