Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mark Shostrom Reveals Tall Man Melting Makeup Ingredients

Thirty-odd years later, makeup effects legend Mark Shostrom has revealed the ingredients to the grotesque makeup that melted the Tall Man at the end of Phantasm II. Phans will recall that Mark supervised makeup effects on both Phantasm II and Phantasm III, which were arguably an effects high mark for the entire franchise. Angus Scrimm lovingly dubbed Mark "the Julia Child of Makeup" for his use of food products in the melting sequence. We've long known Mark incorporated chicken skin in the melting makeup, but here's a complete list of items used!

  • Knox gelatine
  • Karo syrup (Tall Man blood)
  • Yogurt (in moderation)
  • McCormick food colours
  • Raw chicken skin

Mark further comments: "Since chicken skin often has salmonella and is incredibly greasy, I had to wash it with Ivory liquid and hot water for at least 30 minutes. I wore rubber gloves for this. Angus wore full face, neck and hand prosthetic I had sculpted; these were foam latex and painted with PAX and rubber mask greasepaint. All the food stuff went on afterwards. The only glue that would work to stick the chicken skin to his rubber neck prosthetic was super glue (I never glued them directly on his skin). I also have a good Jambalaya recipe but I've never tried that one on an actor."

To learn more about Mark's incredible career in makeup effects (including more Phantasm'y goodness), visit his official website or check him out on Facebook.

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