Sunday, March 31, 2019

Joe Bob Briggs Shows off Tall Man Funko Coin Pop

Famed horror host Joe Bob Briggs tweeted yesterday his praise for mega-phan Scott Pensa's 40th Anniversary Tall Man Coin Pop. Obviously, Joe Bob has great taste in movies and collectibles. Inspired by the wildly popular Funko Pop! series of figures, this "Coin Pop" is a terrific way to commemorate this wonderful occasion.

And it's not too late to grab your own Tall Man Coin Pop! Silver sphere editions are limited to 100 and cost $20 each. Gold sphere editions are limited to just 40 (only a few of these remaining) and must be purchased with a silver sphere edition ($40 per set). The spheres all say "40th Anniversary" on them.

Each Tall Man "Coin Pop" is numbered on his foot and they stand on their own with ease. Shipping is $7.90 for priority USPS with tracking (USA only). Contact Scott at to get yours before they run out!

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