Thursday, October 18, 2018

Danny McBride Suggests Phantasm for Soft-Reboot

Unless you've been living under a pumpkin lately, you know that Blumhouse/Universal's upcoming Halloween 2018 hits theaters tomorrow. Written by Danny McBride, David Gordon-Green, and Jeff Fradley, the new sequel is a soft-reboot that ignores everything that happened after the original 1978 film. Halloween II? Didn't happen. Halloween 5? Not part of the continuity anymore. This film picks up where John Carpenter's original left off - just forty years down the road.

McBride and Green took part in a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything chat this morning where someone asked what other horror franchises they thought should be soft-rebooted. McBride immediately responded with Phantasm! Green suggested Chopping Mall, which just so happens to feature a blink-and-you'll-miss it cameo from Tall Man Angus Scrimm! (His back is to the camera, so it's easy to miss!)

How would a soft-reboot to the original Phantasm even work? Would that assume Phantasm II, III, Oblivion, and Ravager never happened? I can't imagine phans would take kindly to that. Also, any continuation of the current storyline would be severely complicated by the passing of Angus Scrimm.

Still, cool to see that McBride is a phan! (I'm assuming he is. That's my takeaway from this.)

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