Saturday, August 5, 2017

Custom Sculpt of Phantasm II-era Reggie Bannister!

The Altered State model building website has posted pictures of a terrific custom sculpt of Reggie Bannister from Phantasm II. Kick-ass chainsaw aside, the level of detail here is excellent with fun touches like the tool belt and power drill. Remarkable that the sculptor started this simply enough with a bent coat hanger!

The artist writes, "My first sculpt for someone else! Ran a little competition on Facebook for members of the group to choose a favourite character that had never been made before. Ended up with a tie 🙁 But I was up for the challenge. First winner was a huge horror movie fan. He chose the hero from a series of horror movies called Phantasm, Reggie. Described as “a shotgun and guitar-wielding mensch with a receding hairline and a turbo-charged libido”.

Can't you just hear this little Reggie yelling, "Come on, you mutha!" You can check out a ton more photos of this Reggie sculpt and see the artist's other work at The Altered State!

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