Wednesday, July 12, 2017

VIDEO: Joe Bob Briggs Hosts Phantasm/Phantasm II on Monstervision

If you're a horror fan and you were around for the 90's, you may look back fondly on TNT's MonsterVision and its charming host Joe Bob Briggs. A Texan with a love for monster flicks, Briggs hosted the Phantasm trilogy more than once on his program. Presented below thanks to some generous YouTube uploaders are his segments from hosting Phantasm II and then a double feature of both Phantasm and Phantasm II.

The first Phantasm II segments show Briggs in his usual format complete with his "Drive-In Totals," an arguable highlight of his program. The second two videos are from a 1999 marathon that parodied The Blair Witch Project. These segments have their own storyline, but Briggs still pauses several times to discuss the Phantasm flicks.

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