Wednesday, July 19, 2017

ALERT: Arrow's Phantasm Blu-Ray Set on SALE!!!

If you've been holding out on ordering Arrow's UK Phantasm Blu-Ray set, this is the universe's way of telling you to finally do it! Arrow has just knocked more than $30 USD off their price, bringing it down around $65 USD. The price had been hovering around $100 USD, so this is by far the cheapest price we've seen yet.

Don't forget that this Phantasm Collection is limited to a scant 10,000 copies and, according to the company's last newsletter, less than 3,000 sets remain in inventory. Once this baby sells out, it'll be gone for good! And trust that this one will be gone soon just like the Well Go USA Collection. Arrow's fantastic box set comes with a 120-page book, a silver sphere replica, and an extra disc of supplemental goodies! Thanks to uber-phan Scott Pensa for the head's up!

Get your Arrow Collection here!

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