Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hiking Phan Randomly Meets Phantasm Cast Member

This story involves a strange chance meeting on a hiking trail between a lucky phan and a supporting cast member from the original Phantasm! Robert Weaver (aka Instagram user rew3) was hiking in Malibu when he spotted someone else on the trail with a Phantasm shirt on (and a cool Alien 3 ball cap!) He complimented his fellow hiker's shirt, who then revealed himself to be none other than Bill Cone, aka Tommy! Phans will no doubt recall Tommy's unfortunate hook-up with the Lady in Lavender from Phantasm's opening moments. And then his transformation into a hearse-driving dwarf later on!

Robert writes on his Instagram post: "I met the guy that played Tommy in Phantasm, while on our hike! I commented on his shirt and him and his family said he played Tommy! I totally have to watch this movie again, it's been too long!"

The moral of this story is.... keep your eyes peeled next time you go hiking in Malibu! You never know who you might run into.

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