Saturday, November 19, 2016

A. Michael Baldwin Has a New Book Out!

Phantasm star A. Michael Baldwin has a terrific new children's book out from Neighborhood Publishers called "Love Always Wins: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Pick Up After Myself." At 44 pages, every page of this lavish hardcover creation is gorgeously illustrated by award-winning artist Sheila Bailey. Love Always Wins unfolds as a colorful conversation between the planets of our solar system. As someone who has already enjoyed this work, I can personally recommend it to anyone looking for imaginative Christmas gift idea for a young girl or boy.

The official Amazon description reads: As smart people know, if your listen very carefully, you can sometimes hear the planets of our solar system having a little chit-chat. Love Always Wins invites children of all ages into a playful exploration of our solar system and Mother Earth's unique place within it. But how and why should we keep her clean? Just ask Jupitor, or Venus, or even little Pluto. Perhaps Mother earth will tell us herself! After all, she knows the greatest secret of them all: Love Always Wins!

You can grab your copy here!

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