Monday, October 3, 2016

More Ravager Reviews including FANGORIA

Four new reviews have come online for Phantasm Ravager and you can find pullquotes/links to each of them below. The first three are overwhelmingly positive while the last one is titled "Phantasm Ravager Disappoints," - yet even that one manages to find several very positive things to say about the sequel. That brings me to a point I'd like to make.

Negative reviews exist. Ignoring them or not reading/talking about them doesn't make them go away. Sure, they will most likely be drowned out by a flood of positive notices, but they still exist and that's perfectly okay. We are Phantasm phans, not sheep. We are allowed to be critical thinkers and judge each installment for ourselves. Not liking one film or one element of Phantasm doesn't make you any less of a "true phan," whatever the hell that is. Plus, reading differing opinions of these marvelous films can inform and enlighten our own understandings of what we do and do not like about them. They are simply part of the conversation about any film.

So... having said that, I'll continue to post both positive and negative reviews here.

"Phantasm: Ravager is easily the most surprising of the sequels to the original film, but for venturing so far off the Phantasm reservation it proves itself to be a most worthy sequel and perhaps the best of the franchise after the original." - Flickering Myth

"The last 15 minutes of Ravager saw me nearly moved to tears before pumping my arms, jumping up and down, and cheering triumphantly." - Horror Freak News

"RAVAGER reminds you of how magical the PHANTASM series has always been, and it is definitely a bittersweet goodbye to one of the best horror series of all time. Farewell, PHANTASM; it’s been a pleasure to live vicariously through ya." - Fangoria

"Still, it's impossible to overlook the fun that you see all these guys having, and their hearts are all in the right place. The production was made little by little by a small group of people; truly an indie work." - Screen Anarchy

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