Thursday, September 29, 2016

RAVAGER REVIEWS: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

More reviews for Phantasm Ravager are starting to come in and it's interesting how much they vary in their assessments of the project. Unlike in decades past with earlier sequels, most of these reviewers are actually claiming to be phans of the franchise, so we can't much claim mainstream bias against the franchise or even genre. Some are digging it, others are not. Obviously everyone's mileage is going to vary based on personal preferences. It is hilarious to see Variety saying nice things about the movie having ravaged Phantasm II so many years ago.

"Franchise fans should enjoy this latest installment as the cinematic equivalent of a greatest hits album." (Variety)

"As a whole, Phantasm: Ravager is a triumphant conclusion to this franchise." (The Daily Dead)

"And while dream logic and convoluted mythology are part of the charm of the Phantasm movies, even hardcore Phans may walk away from this one feeling unfulfilled." (The AV Club)


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