Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Ravager/Remastered Trailers Appear, Immediately Vanish... AGAIN

You're not going to believe this. Well, you're a Phantasm phan, so maybe you will believe it. Earlier this evening, pre-order listings for both Phantasm Remastered and Phantasm Ravager appeared on the iTunes store. Included in these listings were glorious new trailers for each film! Within a couple of hours, however, these listings vanished from the iTunes directory. Curious also was their release date of 10/4/16, three days earlier than the otherwise announced 10/7/16.

The Remastered trailer was marvelously crafted, every shot a refined masterpiece. Seeing Phantasm this way makes it look like an entirely new film I've never experienced before. The trailer's opening was particularly cool as an angry silver sphere burst from an ancient-looking television playing an old version of the movie. The trailer also included the now famous Phantasm definition narration, which originally began with the marketing of Phantasm II.

The Ravager trailer included new footage we hadn't seen before, most of it of Reggie in the hospital and roaming the countryside. There were also new shots of the Tall Man on the Red Planet and a better look at that new spikey-ball sphere. I would definitely qualify this as the best trailer the film has had yet.

I did manage to save a few screenshots from the Ravager trailer, which I'll post below until I'm told otherwise to take them down. Fingers crossed that Well Go USA releases these trailers soon and online in their full glory. You are gonna love 'em. (Credit: I first learned of the iTunes listings on the Phantasm Ravager Facebook phan group!)


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