Wednesday, September 28, 2016

IMPORTANT: Bring Remastered & Ravager to Your City!

I'm reposting the following news release from the official Phantasm social media accounts. This is a hugely important development for phans that have yet to see theatrical listings for either Phantasm Remastered or Phantasm Ravager in their towns. This is your opportunity to bring the Tall Man to your city!

Want to bring PHANTASM: REMASTERED or PHANTASM: RAVAGER (or both) to your hometown theater? It’s easy to do with Tugg, in three simple steps:

1. Go to and pick your film, your three closest theaters, and a date. Tugg will handle everything behind the scenes and get a theater on board for the screening.

2. Once a theater is on board, your screening is PENDING. To take it from PENDING to GO, a threshold of tickets (usually between 40 and 70) need to be sold. We’ll provide you with a kit you can use to promote your screening and help get those tickets moving.

3. Once the tickets are sold, your screening is a GO and it’s show time! We’ll handle everything with the theater from here out.

Got questions? Ask in the Phantasm Facebook comments and they'll help you out! We want ANYONE who wants to see PHANTASM on the big screen to have their chance, so don’t hesitate.

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