Sunday, September 11, 2016

Full Ravager Cast List Revealed

UPDATED: 9/11/16 5:50 PM

Well Go USA have unleashed their press notes for Phantasm Ravager, which reveal that the film is dedicated "In Loving Memory of Angus Scrimm," which is just as it should be. Bravo, folks. That is no less than he deserved on this project.

I was kind of excited at how the notes mentioned original sphere victim Ken Jones being in the new film, especially since the notes ranked him eighth from the bottom above new cast members. That didn't strike me as being archival material from the first film, but as it turns out - it is only archival material from the first film and Jones did not film new scenes for Ravager. I suppose I should've known better than to trust press notes that mentioned Bill Thornbury's Jody being re-cast for Phantasm II.

The full cast list is below. Note that director David Hartman's wife, Kathleen, also cameos as a nurse.

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