Monday, August 29, 2016

Phantasm Remastered Trailer plus see THE NEW SILVER SPHERE!

UPDATE: That brief and seemingly premature trailer has been pulled from the Mondo Instagram page. Word is, however, that a bigger, better trailer for Phantasm Remastered is coming our way soon!

Mondo has released their first trailer for the upcoming Phantasm Remastered via Instagram. You can check that out in the video embed below. Aside from the strikingly more crisp picture and vivid color, this preview gives us our first look at the re-envisioned silver sphere, which has never looked better. To see just how far the ball has come since 1979, give a look to the comparison image at your right. (Click the image to see the comparison larger!)

Phantasm Remastered is playing across the nation on September 24th as part of Art House Theater Day. The film will be also include a sneak peak at Phantasm Ravager, a tribute to the late great Angus Scrimm and a live streamed Q&A with Don Coscarelli and the cast from Texas. Additional screening dates are currently popping up for October throughout the country. Check your local listings to see when and where!


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    WOW like that never happened brfore

  2. Where in Texas is this live stream taking place? Austin, Dallas or Houston. Hoping its Dallas so I can go!!


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