Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bubba Ho-Tep getting Scream Factory Collector's Edition

Don Coscarelli's cult-classic Bubba Ho-Tep is getting the Collector's Edition treatment from Scream Factory this November 8th. Extras haven't been announced yet, but you can be sure they will be impressive. The distributor has released the new artwork, however, and it is fantastic!

If you've never seen this movie, you're really missing out on a great time. If nothing else, the flick is of great interest to phans for featuring several Phantasm series cast members including Reggie Bannister, Bob Ivy and Heidi Marnhout. Bubba also features three cast members from the upcoming Phantasm Ravager with Daniel Roebuck, Daniel Schweiger and Cean Okada!

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  1. this is a great movie...really funny, even touching at times. Bruce was really in his stride there and of course the Phantasm Phamily making an appearance or two was great...i will def be picking this up to couple with my dvd! :) -Prymal


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