Saturday, July 16, 2016

Would you pay $75 for this Phantasm II Sticker?

Would you spend $75 on this vintage Phantasm II sticker? Sure, it's a cool sticker, but that seems a steep price for such a small collectible, especially one that probably went for a mere quarter back in the day. If you're not up on your vending machine knowledge, you should know this is no ordinary sticker... but rather a 1980s "Prism Sticker," which is how sticker collectors describe these reflective and uniquely drawn creations. They're kind of a big deal. Here is a 1985 Michael Jordan Prism Sticker going for $2,900... and no, it's not even signed by the big guy!

The Phantasm collectible market is a real peculiar beast, something I don't really understand. This item is particularly strange because it crosses over into the Prism Sticker market. It's amazingly rare, so maybe the price tag is fair? Click here to see more 1980s horror movie Prism Stickers.

Or maybe take the plunge and buy the Phantasm II sticker!

If you happen to nab it, send us a picture of where you wind up sticking it! (Just kidding. I imagine it would be a crime against sticker collecting to actually stick this sticker somewhere.)

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