Monday, July 25, 2016

Phantasm Ravager Premiere Date Nixes Con Appearance?

News comes in this evening from the Monster Mania Convention Facebook page that Reggie Bannister will unfortunately have to cancel his upcoming appearance at this September's Monster Mania 35 event... due to the Los Angeles premiere of Phantasm Ravager! The convention posted this announcement earlier tonight and hours later re-confirmed it for those wondering if perhaps a typo had been made. Monster Mania 35 is currently scheduled to go down from September 30th to October 2nd, meaning we might should expect Ravager to premiere sometime that weekend.

Monster Mania's posting also mentioned that they hope to assemble some of the original Phantasm's cast for a convention in Hunt Valley sometime next year. Their Cherry Hill/Hunt Valley shows have long been good to Phantasm phans, having hosted cast and crew from the films multiple times over the past fifteen or so years.

What is still unknown is whether or not this is a public-facing screening of the final Phantasm sequel or something exclusively for cast, crew and their families. Fingers crossed this means something good for the film's path to distribution and that we'll hear more soon!

(Thanks to Justin Stephens for the scoop!)

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