Monday, July 18, 2016

How James LeGros Was Kinda-Almost In Phantasm V

In this lead up to Phantasm Ravager, let us remember back to the brief time when it was proposed that substitute Mike Pearson actor James LeGros return to the franchise. Phans will, of course, recall that LeGros was cast as Mike for Phantasm II in the wake of original Mike performer A. Michael Baldwin being snubbed.

The LeGros cameo was first suggested by screenwriter Stephen Romano a decade back for his unproduced Phantasm Forever screenplay. It's unknown if the Phantasm II performer was ever contacted for it, but wouldn't that be a fantastic cameo? As Romano envisioned it, both the LeGros Mike and the Baldwin Mike would have squared off in a surreal confrontation.

Given how much LeGros has distanced himself from the franchise these past decades (declining to participate in interviews, reunions, DVD supplements, etc.), his return to Phantasm in any capacity would be a hugely surprising move. Hear the cast talk about it in the video below, which was shot at the 2008 Fright Night Film Fest.

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