Saturday, July 23, 2016

Did Reggie wear his Ravager Wardrobe to Comic-Con? posted to social media this morning a picture of Reggie "Hot as Love" Bannister from a panel at the currently in-session San Diego Comic-Con. Something looked vaguely familiar about the Regman's appearance and then I realized... we've seen him in a green/white plaid shirt before! Before as in multiple images and screenshots from the long awaited Phantasm Ravager. Did Reggie manage to sneak a subtle nod toward Ravager into his Comic-Con appearance? Or does the man just own a lot of green plaid?

(Do keep in mind when making your judgements that the shirt in the pictures below is seven years YOUNGER than the shirt we'd have seen at Comic-Con, so even if it is the same shirt, it's likely faded/been worn to time.)

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