Thursday, March 31, 2016

PSA for Phantasm Phans: April Fool's Day Is Tomorrow

Being that tomorrow is April Fool's Day, I just wanted to make a public service announcement to all my fellow phans out there who have been patiently waiting for news on pending projects. Don't get fooled tomorrow. Inevitably, someone is going to try and fool you regarding something in the Phantasm-verse. We're in a time right now when Phantasm news could drop at any moment, but hopefully that won't be tomorrow - because who could honestly believe it then?

What possible April Fool's hijinks might occur tomorrow? Fake release dates, for one. There's the long-stalled Phantasm Ravager, the Phantasm: Remastered project, the rumored Blu-Ray boxset and several other simmering Phantasm projects that have yet to be announced.

My advice to you is to APPROACH EVERYTHING WITH SKEPTICISM TOMORROW! Even if it comes from the official website or Coscarelli himself. Let us not forget that Phantasm's own creator teased this bullshit Phantasm V trailer back in December 2010. And mind you, Phantasm Ravager had been shooting for a full two years at that point without official acknowledgement.

So again.... be careful what you believe tomorrow. Seeing is easy. Understanding? That takes a little more time.

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