Thursday, February 25, 2016

Reggie & Gigi Bannister Debut New Short Film

Reggie and Gigi Bannister have debuted a new short film, The Intruders, on the FilmFreeway website. Based on an old episode of The Twilight Zone, the project was written, directed and produced by Gigi, who also stars alongside the Regman who appears a Rod Serling-esque host. Pay attention to the end credits and you'll see several phamiliar names including crewmember extraordinaire Kristen Deem, Phantasm Ravager actor Daniel Schweiger and mega-phan Jeff Roman. You can watch the short here.

Gigi's director's statement from the site: "My motto was given to me in 1987 by a dear friend, Chis Malanowsky: "I just want to make movies!" I have tried to live by that motto ever since. Every project is like giving birth. One brings the concept from a spark of thought into a tangible thing which lives and breathes for eternity on the screen and in the hearts of others. It is the legacy of all who worked on it. If we are lucky, we are fondly remembered for it and it lives on long after we are gone.

This project is an homage to the Twilight Zone episode "Invaders" with Agnes Moorehead." It was one of Rod Serling's favorites, one of the most recognizable, and legendary. It has no dialogue, only three rooms and the roof for the set. The nemesis are tiny robots from Earth. We built the set at a local ranch made from a three room horse stall. Miss Moorhead was notorious for her manicured nails so we included that detail - as we did many others. We took artistic license with the ending to make it our own story. It is intense but a bit lighthearted in places and includes some comedic moments not in the first, but, we hope that the viewers appreciate the send up as much we did bringing to them. My husband, Reggie Bannister, and I are so proud of our amalgamation of Riverside City College student crew and cast, volunteers from Crestline Creative Arts Foundation, Professionals, Friends and Phans who have helped give this "baby" life."

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